The Semantic Chemical Web: GoogleInChI and other Mashups

Gerçi ingilizce ama CML kullanımı, daha genel olarak bilginin(burada bilimsel kimyasal bilgi oluyor) sınırsız paylaşımı ile ilgili güzel bir sunum. İyi birbaşlangıçolabilir. Kimyasal moleküllerin çizilmesinden paylaşılmasından ve tüm dünyada hiçbir gayret sarfetmeden var olan genelağ yollarından yararlanmak. or something like that!

Orjinal açıklamasanda ise:

Google Tech Talks September 13, 2006 Peter Murray-Rust is Reader in Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge and Senior Research Fellow of Churchill College. ABSTRACT The millions of scientific papers published each year are an amazing source for scientific discovery but in most of them the experimental data is destroyed by the publication process. Publishers insist on converting semantic data into PDF which effectively destroys everything. We have been developing social and technical strategies to preserve and liberate this data and where this has happened have been able to create completely new mashups and other semantic resources. Chemistry is the most tractable discipline for the semantic web – most chemistry can be turned into XML with little semantic loss, using Chemical Markup Language and complementary MLs such as XHTML, MathML and SVG. We have to mobilise a bottom-up revolution through modern Internet ideas – blogs, communal source development, interoperability. We have done this in chemistry through the Blue Obelisk movement – an informal but coherent group of young-at-heart hackers. We are adopting lightweight web technologies (“REST”, etc.) to chemistry – an example will be CMLRSS which we run in a Bioclipse environment